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Spiritual Practice Tips from an Elemental Harmony Spoonie for the Turning of the Wheel: Summer Solstice/Litha

Spiritual Practice Tips from an Elemental Harmony Spoonie for the Turning of the Wheel: Summer Solstice/Litha

As the Summer Solstice graces us with its radiant embrace in the Northern Hemisphere, we find ourselves at the zenith of the Wheel of the Year.

The air here in south-central Ontario feels ripe and luscious, like a peach about to burst with sweetness. 

For those of us navigating life as Spoonies, staying grounded in the elements while the world revels in sunlight and sensuality can be both a challenge and a joy. 

Here’s how to harmonize with the elements during this vibrant season:

Feed the Fire – (FIRE)

Now is the perfect time to nurture the inner flames kindled during Beltane. Whether your fires burn with creativity, sensuality, curiosity, or a beautiful blend of all three, keep them alight. For Spoonies, managing time in the sun is crucial, as heat and humidity can easily deplete our energy. Even if we can't always be outdoors, we can still draw inspiration from the brilliant world around us. Engage in activities that resonate with your spirit—be it reading, writing, painting, gardening, or crafting. Let these passions fuel your inner fire.

Personal Note: I find my creativity flourishes in the summer. Even when the heat makes it tough to be outside, I love painting in the cool of my home, letting the vibrant colors of nature inspire my work.

Eat Fresh – (EARTH)

Embrace the season's bounty by turning towards fresh, vibrant produce. As Gaia’s abundance begins to flourish, connect with her by incorporating seasonal fruits and vegetables into your meals. If visiting farmers' markets feels overwhelming, your local grocery store can be a treasure trove of pre-cut and easy-to-prepare options. And most offer a wonderful selection that can ease the mental and physical effort. For those with texture sensitivities, fruit-infused waters provide a delightful and refreshing alternative.

Personal Note: There's something so grounding about enjoying a crisp, fresh salad made with ingredients from the local market. It’s like taking a bite of Mother Earth’s love.

Get Your Feet Wet – (WATER)

In the heart of summer, water becomes a source of relief and joy. Whether it’s soaking your feet in a kiddie pool, playing with a sprinkler, or swimming, allow yourself to revel in the cooling, buoyant embrace of water. If swimsuits feel uncomfortable, opt for attire that makes you feel at ease. The freedom and release that water brings can be profoundly healing.

Personal Note: On the hottest days, I love dipping my feet in a cool kiddie pool while reading a good book. It’s my little oasis of peace and comfort.

Watch the Clouds – (AIR)

There’s a unique magic in summer skies. Watching puffy, white clouds drift across a brilliant blue expanse can instill a sense of adventure and wonder. Even if you're not on a road trip, take time to connect with the wind and observe the dance of the clouds. The powerful winds before a summer storm can be particularly invigorating, grounding you in the moment.

Personal Note: Laying on the grass and watching the clouds roll by brings back a childlike wonder. It's a simple yet profound way to connect with the element of air.

Celebrate Your Senses - (SPIRIT)

Summer invites us to live fully through our senses. Listen to the symphony of nature—the songs of birds, the hum of cicadas. Feel the sun’s warmth, the caress of a gentle breeze, and the myriad scents carried by the air. Engage in activities that bring you joy and movement—paint, dance, garden, walk, swim. Let your energy flow outward, while pacing yourself mindfully to avoid exhaustion. Remember, even small efforts can yield tremendous rewards.

Personal Note: I find immense joy in gardening during the summer. The feel of the soil, the sight of blooming flowers, and the scent of fresh herbs truly uplift my spirit.

Sacrifice Your Sensibilities to the Sun - (GODDESS CONNECTION)

Summer is a time to relax and revel in life’s pleasures. Connect with deities of the sun and abundance, like Brigid or Saule (2 of my favourites). Embrace their energy through rituals, prayers, or simply by turning your face to the sun and expressing gratitude for its life-giving light. Any deity that encourages you to celebrate your body and its pleasures is a perfect companion for this season.

Personal Note: I often take a moment each day to lift my face to the sun, feeling its warmth and offering a silent thank you for its light and energy.

Acknowledging the Challenges

Summer can be challenging for Spoonies, especially when heat and humidity exacerbate our conditions. If this season feels draining rather than uplifting, seek solace and joy in ways that nourish you. For those who can immerse themselves more fully, soak up the brilliance and warmth of summer.

Personal Note: Last summer, I struggled with the intense heat, finding it difficult to enjoy the season. But I discovered that even small moments, like sitting under a tree with a cool drink, could bring immense joy and relief. Remember to be gentle with yourself and find those small moments of joy wherever you can.

By weaving the elements into your everyday practices, you can stay grounded, creative, and connected throughout the summer season. Reflect on how each element brings its unique gifts, and remember that even in the smallest acts, there is profound magic. Take these lessons with you, knowing that each moment of connection and harmony brings you closer to your true self. Embrace the warmth, the light, and the vibrant energy of summer.

Share Your Journey!

We’d love to hear how you’re connecting with the elements this summer! Share your tips, stories, and photos on social media with the hashtag #ElementalHarmonySpoonie. Let’s inspire and uplift each other as we navigate the season together. Blessed Litha, friends! 🌞🌿💧🌬✨

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