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Yes, each therapeutic journey is tailored to individual needs. We can focus on specialized topics as long as they fall within my areas of competency

The initial session offers a no-obligation opportunity for us to determine if we're a good fit. It's essential for both parties to feel comfortable for therapy to be effective.

Protecting your privacy is paramount. All interactions and records are kept strictly confidential.

I understand the importance of flexibility, especially with busy lives. I offer various time slots, including evenings and weekends. Virtual sessions are also available to ensure that sessions can fit into your life.

Various secure payment options are available, such as credit cards or bank transfers.

Life can be unpredictable. I offer a cancellation policy that requires 48 hours notice. This allows us the opportunity to reschedule and ensures that the session time can be offered to another client if you can't make it.

No, the duration of our therapeutic relationship will be based on your individual needs and therapeutic goals. We'll reassess regularly to make sure it's serving you well.

Yes, continuous growth and support are important. I offer guidelines, exercises, and readings that align with the methods we're using in our sessions, to extend your learning and healing outside our session times.

Emotional Health Counselling utilizing Neural Network Therapy ®

We can get stuck in our negative emotions. Neural Network Therapy® helps you unpack and heal some of the past pain and teaches you how to forge new pathways in the brain. This empowers you to move through life events with emotional wellness and vitality. Currently, Sammi is practicing becoming certified in Neural Network Therapy (NNT) and is accepting a select number of virtual session clients at a discounted rate for the practicum portion of her course certification. Reach out today to enquire about NNT and if it is right for you.

Q: What is Neural Network Therapy®?

A: NNT is where counselling meets neuroscience. This is goal-focused counselling that teaches you how to unpack the past and do something with the events and emotions that are filling you up and spilling over. Doing something with these experiences empowers you to heal and build new network pathways in the brain so that you can live a happier, more energetic life. 

Q: Is NNT talk therapy?

A: No. NNT is different - we don’t sit and talk about experiences and feelings the whole time. We talk about what is holding you back, or the ways you want to feel better in life - and then we customize neuroscience-backed activities that you complete in between sessions. We teach you how the brain works, how you have acquired the neural pathways and habits that you have, and empower you with practical ways that you can change or create new pathways in the brain, and habits that help you to feel your best. The goal is to teach you how to do these activities yourself, and get you to the point where you don’t need our counselling anymore… yes, if you can believe it, our goal is to work ourselves out of a job!

Q: Is your NNT counselling covered by extended health benefits?

A: No. Usually, health benefits require the practitioner to be a Psychologist, Registered Social Worker, or Registered Psychotherapist. However, in most extended health benefits plans, the allowance is quite small and typically will only cover a couple of sessions with one of the abovementioned practitioners. That is why we have designed a program that aims to move you through the counselling in as few sessions as possible, at a more affordable rate.

Q: Is your NNT counselling a good fit for anyone?

A: Not necessarily, depending on your current circumstances - and this is why we screen to see if our counselling is right for you. We will never waste your time and money, if we know up front that we aren’t the right fit. As an example: we cannot provide any kind of medical diagnoses, nor can we provide mental health services to those who are currently in any kind of mental health crisis. At this time, we do not offer couple’s counselling, or counselling for those experiencing PTSD or intense trauma response difficulties.

If you are in crisis, we suggest you reach out to your primary care physician, visit the emergency room of your local hospital, or contact your local crisis hotline. See our list of useful links and REsources